»A strong and solid network gives us perspectives and helps to achieve personal and company goals.«

Offers & Services

With over 35 years of experience in management consulting, IT and SAP (16 years COO of SAP Switzerland), I know how to prepare complex topics for management. 

I support you on a strategic level with your IT and SAP projects. 

I have an excellent network of Swiss customers, the SAP partner network and the relevant IT and management associations.

My offers at a glance

  • Management Adviser for SAP Programs
  • Support for SW and partner evaluations
  • Accompaniment of digitization and transformation projects
  • Support in defining the IT, SAP and Cloud strategy (checking the road map including the right timing, as well as support for optimal SAP & Hyper-Cloud solutions)
  • Second Opinion for Business Management
  • Close cooperation with Project Competence >>>

»A valuable network still consists of real people and real relationships – despite all the digitization.«

What exactly is the benefit of a Business Network?

A high-quality business network can be the key to a successful career and business opportunities. But who plans his network strategically? Who sets himself specific goals? Who gives this topic the necessary focus?

Networking doesn't just mean small talk at a nice event with a wine glass in your hand. It's not a matter of a few weeks. A network is built up over years and requires constant maintenance.

The basics for a sustainable business network are developed in a joint workshop. You set goals, reflect your personal communication and behavioral style, and learn one or the other method playfully.


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»Relationships only concerns those who don't have them. The right contacts can be an effective door opener.«

About Andreas Stuker

SAP (Schweiz) AG

24 years of SAP (Switzerland) AG

2 years support of strategic SAP partners

16 years COO at SAP (Switzerland) AG, with intensive customer contact and various SAP steering boards

6 years support of SAP roll out projects at local and international customers in the function of SAP Global Account and Service Manager

Digital Equipment Corporation AG & International Computers Limited (ICL)

Digital Account Manager & Service Manager  (ICL)

Sieber & Partner AG

Management consultant for SW evaluations and ERP project management

Landert Motoren AG

Software developper


How to get in contact with me …

Interesseted? More questions? I look forward to hearing from you. 

You can use either the contact form below or you call me directly. Mobile Phone: +41 79 320 49 24.

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